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North American Transit Alliance launches Careers in Transit Week to promote career paths and opportunities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During the week of December 11-15, the North American Transit Alliance (NATA) will host a #CareersInTransit social media campaign to highlight career paths, leadership development programs, scholarships, and job opportunities in public transit. This campaign is scheduled around the week of fall graduation at many technical schools and universities to help inform those entering the job market of the opportunities in transit.

“There are countless career opportunities in public transit. These careers keep us moving and have a positive impact on our communities and economy. One of our primary goals of NATA is to ensure our future and current workforce are aware of the value of a career in transit and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed.” – Paul Comfort, Executive Director, NATA

NATA does this by promoting stories of individuals who have found their path in the field and partnering with industry organizations to award scholarships. To date, NATA has awarded $20,000 with partners such as Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO), Latinos in Transit (LIT), and WTS.

NATA invites our transportation partners and advocates to follow along and share stories, career advice, and leadership development resources using the hashtag #CareersinTransit on all social media channels.

About the North American Transit Alliance

The North American Transit Alliance (NATA) is comprised of the six largest private transit contracting firms that operate and maintain critical ADA paratransit, fixed route, and other transportation services on behalf of U.S. transportation agencies nationwide. NATA was created to further transit innovation and advocate for its workforce, who serve and transport some of our most vulnerable citizens, including seniors and ADA-eligible riders. NATA’s member organizations make up 15 percent of the U.S. public transportation workforce, encompassing more than 74,000 total employees.