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General & Media Inquiries

Journalists and other media professionals, we are happy to discuss the role of the private sector in public transportation and our key initiatives to support member organizations and their employees.

To request an interview with a NATA member, please email

NATA is an alliance of private sector companies that operate transit systems in the U.S. and Canada. Our mission is to provide a legislative voice for our members and their employees who play a crucial role in public transportation.

Our mission is to educate policy makers and legislators on our role in and contributions to public transportation across the county.

Antitrust Statement
Our strict policy is that there shall be no agreements—express or implied—restraining members’ freedom from making independent decisions in matters that affect competition. Each member shall be completely independent to set prices, establish production and sales levels, choose the markets in which he or she will operate, and select his or her customers and suppliers.

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