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The North American Transit Alliance (NATA) is comprised of the five largest private transit contracting firms that operate and maintain critical paratransit, fixed route, and other transportation services on behalf of public transit agencies in the U.S. and Canada. Our mission is to advocate for the essential role private contractors play in public transit. Learn more (click through to about page). Learn more »

NATA Members Operate Transit Systems in Over 600 Cities in 46 States and 5 Provinces

Every day our members transport millions of people to jobs, school, medical centers, retail stores and more.

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Good Jobs, Strong Partnerships

of our member workforce is represented by unions
of U.S. transit agencies contract with the private sector

Our North American Impact

of our transportation workforce
NATA accounts for 70,000+ transit employees
Nearly 700 million annual passenger trips

Moving Mobility Forward in a New Reality

NATA exists to advocate for private contracting, and the transit agencies and employees which depend on its member companies. The organization supports the development of new business models that shape the transit industry and help ensure its resiliency for the future.

Private contractors support clients with ambitious new projects such as autonomous vehicles, microtransit, and technology to improve operations and service quality.

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