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Success Factors in Private Contracting for Public Transportation

The Eno Center For Transportation released an exciting new report on the benefits of contracting in public transportation, especially in light of economic challenges and the recovery from the pandemic. This research confirms that—when implemented carefully—competitive contracting can yield improved cost efficiencies, improved transit service and other innovations that benefit the riding public.

Click here to read the full report and stay tuned for more key findings from this important new piece of research confirming the value of contracting in our industry.

About the North American Transit Alliance

The North American Transit Alliance (NATA) is comprised of the six largest private transit contracting firms that operate and maintain critical ADA paratransit, fixed route, and other transportation services on behalf of U.S. transportation agencies nationwide. NATA was created to further transit innovation and advocate for its workforce, who serve and transport some of our most vulnerable citizens, including seniors and ADA-eligible riders. NATA’s member organizations make up 15 percent of the U.S. public transportation workforce, encompassing more than 74,000 total employees.